EPC services (engineering, procurement and construction). Turnkey services for infrastructure projects developed by a multinational team of engineers and contractors.

Establishing public transportation
and accommodation systems

In the beginning of the 21st century, everything is getting too competitive and time-sensitive. Technologies are leading us a world of cozy and comfort. PRH PRO will design and engineer to build up that modern facility for your tomorrow.

implementing thermal
& renewable energy systems

Within a limited budget, PRH PRO implements your quality energy project that lasts for generations. We build to suit for oil refineries, drilling oil wells and oil tanks.

environmental improvements

Sewage & water-treatment, pollution cleaning and maintenance, and mechanism of minimizing air pollutant substances are part of our expertise.

construction buildings for modern
hospitals & medical care facilities

We have built up 11 medical care facilities in the past decade thru our multi-nation EPC teams.

Constructing oil & gas piping systems
and water resourcing systems

Contracted to construct underground and off-ground oil and gas pipeline with modern technologies.

building a new modern city
with all infrastructure systems

PRH PRO's construction teams have built more than 33 new communities in Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada and USA.

Consultation Services
for AI & EP

Providing solutions of artificial intelligence and engineering & procurement is the devotion of our technology department where is led by our USA team.